Universal JukeBox


What is Universal JukeBox

Universal JukeBox is a simple software jukebox. It can act as a real jukebox (almost), and play your favorite tracks in several ways. It has it's own lightning fast database for keeping track (in a sorted manner) of your tracks. That makes your search for a specific track lightning fast!


- Local database
  • A local database is used to handle all tracks.
  • Define one more (as many as you like) paths.
  • Scan the defined paths for files using advanced search schemes - Allowing you to search more efficiently for folders-differential, files-differential or do a complete scan. Automatically removes non-existing files from the database (one-way synchronization).
  • Ultra fast file information access. - The file is accessed physically (as a regular player),
    but the file information is collected once, when you scan the media paths.
- Party Mode
  • In this mode, the player works "kind-a" like a normal CD-Player. The user(s) can't seek, or skip tracks etc.
  • In this mode, the build-in play list ([Party Mode] ) is used, and user(s) can only add to the list, and only in sequential order (new files goes last).
  • In this mode, play time and ETA is calculated for all tracks on the play list. Making it easy for user(s) to see what their track in particular is played.
  • In this mode, a playing track is automatically removed from the list, when it has finished playing.
  • This mode is password protected - even an application re-start will not modify the player state.
- Find
  • This function is made quite powerful. When ever you search, you search the internal database for optimum speed. Search within 1'000'000s of tracks within milliseconds.
  • This function uses an enhanced scheme to search, meaning the search algorithm searches within filename, path and all ID3 tag's inside the file. 
- Play Lists
  • You can add as many play lists as you like (just as in a regular media player), but these lists can be more dynamically build, using search options, and the opportunity to add several files at once or even a complete folder.
  • You can copy tracks from one play list to another, just by right-clicking on the selected tracks.
  • You can copy any physical file by right-clicking, to any preferred folder. - This makes it very easy to copy files for specific needs from the juke box to any location in your file system. The files will even be auto-renamed if you have selected several files, with same name. 
- Radio Mode
  • Build you own radio channel - well, it's not really a radio, but that's what I prefer to call it.

    When you create your own radio channel in Universal JukeBox, you simple define a set of criteria's to follow when Universal JukeBox looks up the next track to play in your radio.

    These criteria's can be +words -words, year and year-range's and genres. - It's really an easy task to create a new radio.
    When listening to your radio, Universal JukeBox will continue playing all tracks that fulfill your criteria's.
- Logging
  • When ever a track is played, it will be recorded into a log. This log can be used to generate several kind of lists. Top-100, Top-10, most played tracks, genres, etc. - Cool after a party - you can see what  people searched the most for, and which tracks was played more than once, and and and and...... 
- iTunes Support
  • iTunes is now supported. You can send any playlist directlt to iTunes.
  • You can update iTunes playlist from Universal JukeBox in a snap.
  • You can easily remove the Universal JukeBox playlists in iTunes.
  • All Universal JukeBox playlists are created and maintained in a "Universal JukeBox" root folder, for easy overview and maintenance. 
 - Several play-modes
  • Universal JukeBox has several play-modes. These play-modes are called "EOF and OEL" end of track and end of list. You can specify what the player should do when ever a track ends, or when ever a list ends. Track-modes are: Next, Random, Repeat, Stop. List-modes are: Next, Random, Repeat, Stop.
  • Random Random - Means that the player makes a shuffled list of ALL your tracks, and plays them one by one. 
- Advanced Music Visualization
  • Universal JukeBox comes with several music visualizations. (plug in-support might be added).
  • Spectrum Analyzer (with z-compressor, ensuring a perfect scope at all levels).
  • Spectrum Analyzer-shadow peak algorithm - Ensures perfect peak-visualization of peaks and weak's.
  • Dual (stereo) Oscilloscope with full channel separation.
  • Dual Vu-Meter(s) - Full featured Vu-Meter, visualizing currents and peaks.
  • Wave Form generator - Right-click on the seek bar, and choose "generate wave form" to see the file in Wave Form - The generated Wave Form is time-static (and precise).
- File information Plug-in support
  • Universal JukeBox comes with a plug-in to retrieve file-information. (ID3 tag's). This plug-in can handle mp3 and wma files. But you are free to make your own plug-in. 
- Cross Fader
  • A build-in cross fader allows you to mix to tracks.
  • You can choose how to cross-fade and how fast to do it.
  • Choose between "Fade In, Fade Out, Fade In/Out or disabled" - With Fast/normal/slow speed.
  • Dual Channel ensures that not a beat is missed when cross fading!
- Visual Volume and Volume Fader
  • A build-in volume controller ensures that you can control the player volume without having to adjust the volume-mixer in windows/platform.
  • The volume is visualized for master and each channel.
- Customizable GUI colors
  • All (or all player) colors can be controlled using a build-in color scheme editor. All other colors are adjusted in the platform (in windows, its the appearance tab in the desktop property). 
- Radio Import/Export
  • Radio channels can be exported individually to a file.
  • Radio channels can be imported individually from a file.
- Logitech G15 Display support
  • Universal JukeBox supports Logitech G15 Display (Both display and button functions)
- Supported File Formats
  • mp3
  • wav
  • mp2
  • wma
  • cda (audio cd)
  • mid
  • mod
  • it
  • s3m
  • xm
  • flac
  • ogg
  • And more !


Rating of Universal JukeBox:
4,9 / 6
Version Release Date Size Platform Language Price Hits April 1, 2015 2.1 MB XP, Vista, Win7 & Win8, Win8.1 and Win10 English Freeware 100.709