NEWS - May 2015

Universal JukeBox V6.0.1 released.

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This release fixes a few issues in v6.0


NEWS - April 2015

Universal JukeBox V6.0 released.

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What's new?
  • Better performance
  • Even more sound formats supported
  • New UI
  • New Tree Source Structure (reflect the original source structure)
  • More clean menus
  • Reduced settings, and added a few more major settings.
  • Added view menu, for easier access to on/off properties.
  • Added PIO support (point in object)
      - PIO's can effect playing (start, jump, stop, fade-modes and more)
      - PIO's can have individual colors.
      - PIO's support cross-fade interactions.
      - PIO's support soft-volume when jumping.
      - PIO's get saved in its own binary file, next to the music-file it belongs to. UJ automatically removes it, when no pio points are present.
      - PIO's can be truned on/off globally, and individually (enable/disable).
      - PIO's can be visualized in different ways, you should be able to combine settings that fits your personal needs.
      - and more.
  • Added Lyrics support.
  • New scanning engine, does the job faster.
  • New TAG scanner, faster than the one previously used.
  • New WPF integration, some components are writtin in WPF (next gen Windows Forms, with hardware acceleration)
  • New Spectrum Analyzer (code completely re-written, for more accuracy and better performance)
  • New Music Visualizations (GD Software invented algorithm, for doing a morphic visualization of tones and frequency domain)
  • New context menus, with a new rich set of commands.
  • New Track Finder, faster than before, and with an even smarter search engine behind.
  • New Wave-Form visualization, better and many times faster than the old one.
      - In addition, the new waveforms are now cached in the user's application data folder.
  • Many general improvements, such as a find-track list that remembers the last result, supports custom sorting etc.
  • New "system-reboot" auto continue function. If enabled, UJ will automatically startup and continue playing, if windows is shutdown while uj plays.
  • Fixed a million bugs.
  • STILL 100% FREEWARE, and 100% FREE of ads, toolbars, commercials, and other LAME things.


Audio Meter V1.4.0.0 - Released

See accuracy video

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